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Laurie Beth Jones has written multiple national best-selling books, including Jesus, CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership; Jesus in Blue Jeans: A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality; and The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life, Grow Something Besides Old, Jesus Entrepreneur, The Four Elements of Success, Teach Your Team to Fish, Jesus Life Coach, Personal Notes to Graduates, The Power of Positive Prophecy, The Contessa Chronicles, The Four Elements of Leadership, Jesus Career Counselor and three manuscripts that she wrote during the pandemic.

After launching and running her own successful advertising agency for fifteen years, Laurie Beth Jones burst onto the national scene with Jesus, CEO, a book that espoused bringing spiritual principles back into the business world. That book, and those that followed, spent more that thirteen months on the BusinessWeek bestseller list, and have been translated into fourteen foreign languages, with worldwide sales exceeding two million copies.

Using practical wisdom, humor, and reality-based thinking, Laurie has become one of the world’s leading consultants for businesses that want to take their work and their workers to unparalleled levels of performance, satisfaction, and success.

Her work has reached as high as the White House, the Pentagon, the halls of Congress and the Senate, as well as the depths of workers in the streets of Calcutta, Bosnia, and South Africa. She has been called upon by billionaires and kings to help discern their spiritual path, and lives out her mission, which is to “recognize, promote, and inspire, divine connection in herself and others.

She firmly believes that living out one’s spiritual calling in community is the only path to joy, and that getting clear about your personal mission is the first step in understanding the path to joy. She also believes that one of life’s greatest joys is to share the laughter and love of life with others.

This community is filled with opportunities to explore, engage and advance your personal, relational, leadership, and spiritual journey from the timeless writings and wisdom from Laurie Beth’s body of work and from the wisdom warriors who are marching with her. To have a place and space to write, engage and explore with others is such a beautiful gift.

I Love to Write ….

I told my Dad at the age of ten that someday I wanted to be a writer and own a horse ranch. He did his best to steer me towards a tennis career, and honestly, anything but being a writer. He said, “You can’t make money at being a writer.” Now …. Some twenty-five years later, I am still writing and making a living doing what I love. I love playing with, searching for, discovering and then polishing words…all so others can see and sense and feel the wonders I am seeing. And sometimes I use words to help others avoid the traps in the sand.

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  • You’ll receive personal essays, writings, notes or sketches that become thoughts and turn into words. You will receive some featured posts from manuscripts that I have not yet published, which may also appear at Table Conversations during the week. I love capturing photos of interesting people, places and things and will share them for deeper conversations or engagement regarding spiritual and or theological or business related concepts. Some of my favorite stories in Jesus CEO and some of my other books were from photographs or snapshots in mind that unfolded into an entire chapter. I have recently dipped into crafting a space for the Biblical Bro Code (Conversations on dismantling Patriarchy) and the Omega Code (What replaces Patriarchy) as a way to be part of shaping this issue for the feminine voice. My first post here in this space points to the divide in the United Methodist Church for example. While I was raised Methodist, the politics of churches is truly something worth writing and connecting about. I will also share about the things that I am reading and give you my ‘penned thoughts’ on a regular basis.

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  • I also travel during the summer months and love to engage with subscribers from new and different places. The energy that flows in NYC for example always invigorates me.

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Best-selling author of Jesus, CEO and 14 other books that have helped shaped conversations about business leadership, spirituality, and life using ancient wisdom. Join me in a community that values a love for words that heal. A life well lived.